Joyas sensacionales en Munich


coordinated by Silvia Walz

In the first part of this project: “Un Pedaç per un Descosit” (October 2017 in Barcelona)

and Debril Fertiles (December 2017, Paris) was about the Resilience, which Nietzschke

has circumscribed with his sentence: What does not kill me, does make me strong.


The continuation of the project consists in the destruction of 5 objects.

A black water container, a golden milk jug, a wooden

figurine, a glass flacon and a map fall victim to the destructive rage.


The conscious destruction of an object can have a quite releasing effect.

Often, the produced fragments are more interesting than the original object.

Fragments have the ability to tell stories, and it is not just the story of

destruction, but it is simply the power of imagination that stands behind each

fragment and also the provocation to put it in context. The result is a variety of new objects

that tell new stories and turn the fragments of the 5 objects into wearable jewelry.

Artist list

Xus Anglès, Núria Anguren, Montse Basora, Gemma Canal, Lourdes Carmelo, Nicole

Deuster, Carla Garcia Durlan, Alicia Giráldez, Lola Gratacos, Sebastià Macia, Clara Niubò,

Ramón Puig Cuyás, Carme Roher, Fátima Tocornal, Silvia Walz, Ramón Caus

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